Diario desde Bélgica (curso 2012-13)

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.. reproducimos algunos de los diarios.

Today I got up at seven o’clock and I had breakfast (a piece of bread with nutella and orange juice). After that, I went by car to the school. We took a coach and we went to Brujas, but first we visited Electrobel (an electric power plant). In Brujas and we had lunch in a pub. We were divided into groups and we saw some monuments around the city. My group was the last one. I went on a trip boat along the city. I liked it a lot because I could see a lot of monuments.
At six o’clock we went back home and I had dinner (spaghetti carbonara). At nine o’clock I went to Ruben’s house. He has a swimming-pool. We listened to music, we had a shower and we went to a sauna. I loved his house.
Now, we are at home. It’s eleven o’clock.
Selene Fernández

I woke up at 6:45 to go to school. There we took a coach to go to Brugge. Before arriving in Brugge, we stopped at an electric power station and there we learned something about energy production.
After that, we visited the city of Brugge. We saw lots of monuments and we went on a boat trip through the canals.
When I arrived home, I had dinner and I talked to my partner’s family and we played some video games
Álvaro Cebollada

19th October
I got up at 4 o’clock in the morning. I had a little breakfast and went with my partner to the school by car. Then we went to a party (It was the Youth Day) with Alba, Silvia, Álvaro… and their partners. At quarter past eight we arrived at school and we had an International Sports Competition. It was very funny but tiring.
Later we had lunch at school. Our partners made a presentation about Belgium and we went for a walk around the town.
After that, we went to some pubs and at seven o’clock we went to school again to have a quiz.
When we finished, we went to Gilles’ house because there was a party. There we had dinner.
At one 0’clock we cycled to a disco and we arrived home at 4 o’clock.
Inés Moreno

19th October
I went to school with my partner and we did a Sports Competition, where we stayed with other people from different countries. Later, all the students walked around the town to see places, monuments, shops…
In the afternoon, we went to the school again and we and our family had to do a quiz about Spain.
In the evening, we went to a party in a Belgian student’s house. It was really funny; we danced a lot with all the people there.
Virginia Sanz

20th October
I got up late because in the morning I didn’t have to do anything. I had lunch and I went shopping in a city near Kortrijk. We came back home at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. I had a shower, and then I had lunch at 6 o’clock in the evening!
Later, we watched “Cine de barrio” on TV because they’ve got a Spanish channel.
At 8:00 pm we went to Shauni’s mother’s pub for a party. We were dancing all night. They played Spanish music, “Asereje”, “Macarena”.. Everybody danced those songs.
We came back home at 2:00 am and went to sleep.
Sara Bergasa

22nd October
Today I got up early, at seven o’clock, because we had to go to Antwerp. It’s a big and beautiful city that is not far away from Kortrijk, the town where we live.
We visited the city with a tourist guide called Peter. He told us that Antwerp is an old city and explained its history. We visited the castle, the cathedral, the city hall and many other places; but we had to walk a lot.
After the visit to Antwerp, we went to the Coca- Cola visitors centre and visited the whole factory.
After this visit, I went home and now I’m going to sleep.
Pilar Gimeno

22nd October
On Monday we went to Antwerpen. We met at 8 o’clock at the school to take the coach. When we arrived in Antwerpen, we started a tour around the city. I liked it because the guide told us a lot of stories about its history. After that, we had lunch and we could walk freely for a while around the city.
At 4 o’clock we went to visit the Coca-Cola factory. We saw its installations and did some activities connected to Coca-Cola. It was very fun.
We left for Kortrijk at 7 o’clock. When we arrived in Kortrijk we had dinner in a Kebab bar. Later, we went to a pub for a drink and at 11 o’clock we went to a party. I went to sleep at 1 o’clock.
Alba Muñoz




  1. Congratulations! You have lived a very good experience and made a lot of things during your stage in Belgium. Well done!

    Antonio Villanueva    25 octubre 2012, 08:31    #

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