Kortrijk, Belgium

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Kortrijk is a town situated in the Flemish area, between Ghent and Brugge in the West of Belgium. The Spanish students are living with Belgian families.
They are working on a project with their Belgian patners in small groups. The theme of the project is Environment.

Yesterday was our first day in Belgium. We went to Keramic factory. The visit was a little bit boring, but I was very tired because I only slept 3 hours. I get up at 5:30 every day. It’s so early!!!

After the visit to the factory we had a break for lunch. We went to eat some typical Belgian food in a restaurant. I liked it a lot. When we finished our lunch we went to a pub until 2 o’clock, when we went to school to watch a presentation from Belgian students. Then we went to a pub again. Finally, we went home and I had dinner.


Today we did our first visit to Kortrijk. We arrived school at 8 o’clock in the morning and took a bus to a clay factory. After the visit, all the students returned to Kortrijk. We ate something and went to school to watch the exchange presentation.
After that, we went back home. I spent the afternoon with my partner. We played sport (hockey, tennis…) in the garden.
Finally, I chatted with Spain, had a quick dinner and I went to sleep.
It has been a tired day.





  1. Congratulations for this project. It’s really interesting for the students, the teachers and our high-school!

    Antonio Villanueva    20 octubre 2013, 19:56    #

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