Departamento de inglés

Miembros del Departamento

  • Berta Briz Segura
  • Jesús López Casao
  • Mª José Moure
  • Mª Carmen Pueyo Bergua (Jefa Departamento)


Intercambios realizados

Intercambio con Kortrijk, Bélgica

  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2008-09)
  • Proyecto Comenius: Climat@response-able EU (cursos 2009-10 /2010-11): Webpage
  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2011-12): Visita a Kortrijk 19-26 Octubre 2011-Visita a Zaragoza Abril 2012
  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2012-13): Visita a Kortrijk Octubre 2012- Visita a Zaragoza Abril 2013
  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2013-14): Visita a Kortrijk Octubre 2013- Visita a Zaragoza abril 2014
  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2014-15): Visita a Kortrijk Octubre 2014- Visita a Zaragoza abril 2015
  • Intercambio con Kortrijk (curso 2015-16): Visita a Kortrijk Octubre 2015- Visita a Zaragoza abril 2016

Intercambio con Silvolde, Holanda

  • Cursos 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12: Proyecto “Water Management in Holland and Spain”.
  • Curso 2012-13: Proyecto “Communication”.

Intercambio con Rottweil

Intercambio con Torregrotta, Sicilia

  • Curso 2007-08.


Culture classes

  • La Editorial Burlington nos ofreció la posibilidad de tener unas sesiones de cultura inglesa a cargo de un profesor nativo para el alumnado de 2º ESO.
    Mark visited us on 13th December to give our 2º ESO students a culture class about UK. The students learnt lots of interesting facts about the English speaking world.

Magic English Teacher

Teatro en inglés


PRACTISE YOUR ENGLISH (explanations and exercises online)

Grammar and vocabulary

  • ESL Cafe: In the “STUFF FOR STUDENTS” section you can find grammar lessons, idioms, phrasal verbs, quizzes, slang, etc

Reading comprehension

  • Agenda web Reading comprehension exercises in different levels.


  • ELLO Videos lessons come with captions, quiz and transcript.
  • News in levels News from all around the world in different levels: you practice reading and listening skills.
  • Real English Video lessons for students: watch and listen to real people on the street.
  • Agenda web Listening comprehension exercises in different levels.



  • BBC
  • Radiostations
    Here you have access to different BBC Radio stations. You can listen to live broadcasts, download podcasts, write your comments, etc
  • Switch
    Teenage magazine. Read about celebs (Ne-Yo, Miley Cyrus, McFly, etc., interviews, etc.
  • Schools
    Access to information and activities on different school subjects
  • Students
    Games, video clips and activities for homework and revision
  • GCSEbitesize
    Read, watch and listen. You can improve your English and learn about or revise other school subjects
  • Spellits
    Listen and play games while you learn to spell English words
  • Blast
    Video clips where young people talk about their creative work in fashion, art and design, music, dance, films, and writing. Games, downloads, etc.)
  • Slink
    A girls’ magazine. Video clips.
  • Radioplayer
    Radio programmes for children.
  • Lifestyle
    Read about food, health, consumer advice, gardening, parenting, etc.
  • Food
    Everything about food and cooking: recipes, chefs’ blogs, glossary, etc.
  • Cbeebies
    The BBC children’s programme. It contains all the children programmes’ characters, plus games, songs, rhymes and stories. These will help you with your pronunciation, intonation and comprehension.
  • ESL Partyland: Interactive quizzes, forums, interactive lessons

BBC Learning English

Lots of resources to learn English: reading, listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, games, quizzes, forum, etc.

It includes:
  • How to
    How to communicate in everyday situations. Audio clips with transcripts.
  • Pronunciation
    Practise and learn about English pronunciation.

British Council Learn English

  • Homepage
  • Index
    A general index which will direct you to the right section, according to your objectives.
  • Kids
    You can play a game, print some activities to do, listen to a song, read and listen to a story, practise your writing, find lots more activities.
  • Audio downloads
    You can listen to stories, articles and poems (with transcripts) or download them.
  • Test your level
    You can test yourself and find out how good you are at listening, reading, English grammar and vocabulary.
  • Skills
    This page directs you to others where you can develop your listening, reading and writing skills.
  • Grammar & vocabulary practice
    This page offers grammar and vocabulary practice, including games and quizzes.
  • Fun stuff
    Games, cartoons and much more.
    Here you can find cartoons, games and trivia, including proverbs and quotes.
  • Links
    Here you’ll find a long list of links covering a wide variety of topics.

British culture


Formerly Children’s Express. A teenage newspaper written by teenagers, now including video and audio clips. Its library includes easy to understand articles on a wide variety of topics.

Fact Monster

Facts about the world, the USA, people, customs, words, science, Maths & money, sports… plus cool stuff, games & quizzes, maps, news… plus homework centre. (US)


Tons of information on how things work, under labels such as adventure, animals, cars, communication, computers, electronics, entertainment, food, geography, health, history, home & garden, money, people, science, etc. Videos.


Lots of information on lots of topics. All web pages created by students like you.

Lonely Planet

Read information about different countries.

Neuroscience for kids.

Neuroscience made easy.


A page to improve your reading comprehension and learn how to keep healthy and get some advice.

English Stuff ESL

A blog full of new materials and links to different resources.



Different topics

  • Yappr
    Videos with transcripts. Good for developing your comprehension of spoken English. Some very funny ones.
  • English Language Listening Lab Online
    Native speakers from different places talk about different subjects.
  • This I believe
    A National Public Radio (an American radio station) programme. Listen to different people reading their essays aloud as you read them yourself.



Spanish-English, English-Spanish



Picture dictionaries



  • Wired
    IT news (computers, videogames, gadgets, …)


  • Ananova
    Online news service providing breaking UK and world news, sport, entertainment and business stories.
  • BBC News
    One of the top news providers on the web. News reports are supplemented with audio and video coverage.
  • Belfast Telegraph
    Leading Northern Ireland’s newspaper.
  • Daily Express
    Conservative middle-market tabloid.
  • Daily Mail
    Tabloid, similar to Daily Express.
  • Daily Star
    Right-wing tabloid specialising in pictures of underdressed models.
  • Daily Telegraph
    Well written conservative broadsheet.
  • The Economist
    In-depth coverage of political and economic events throughout the world.
  • ePolitix
    UK political and parliamentary news, interviews, analysis, comment, blogs and podcasts.
  • Evening Standard
    Evening newspaper brought to you by the publishers of the Daily Mail. Complete London entertainment guide.
  • Financial Times
    One of the world’s leading business and politics newspapers with a global outlook.
  • Guardian
    Left of centre top quality daily.
  • The Independent
    Daily liberal broadsheet with a wide international coverage.
  • ITN
    British television news site serving as portal for ITV News, IRN, Channel 4 News, and 5 News.
  • Liberal
    Literary and political magazine, devoted to promoting liberalism across the globe.
  • Loot
    Free ads newspaper.
  • Mirror
    Tabloid, traditionally supportive of the Labour party.
  • Morning Star
    “Daily paper of the left”. Formerly the newspaper of the Communist Party.
  • New Left Review
    London based journal covering politics, economics, and culture of a contemporary non-conformism.
  • New Statesman
    Witty leftwing political magazine.
  • News of the World
    Sunday version of the Sun.
  • NewsNow
    UK news aggregator that allows you to search the latest news headlines by category or keyword.
  • The Observer
    UK oldest Sunday newspaper, now linked with the Guardian.
  • Press Gazette
    UK journalism news.
  • Private Eye
    British top satirical magazine. Also runs gossip and investigative material.
  • Prospect Magazine
    Covers political and cultural debates.
  • Red Pepper
    Magazine of the green and radical left.
  • Reuters
    World’s largest news agency.
  • The Scotsman
    Edinburgh-based highly regarded daily.
  • Sky News
    Rupert Murdoch’s UK news channel.
  • Socialist Worker
    Socialist Party’s newspaper.
  • Spectator
    Quality conservative weekly.
  • Spiked
    British magazine publishing a range of dissident views.
  • The Stage
    Newspaper providing theatre and broadcasting news.
  • The Sun
    Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid known for its sensational headlines and pictures of topless girls.
  • Sunday People
    News from the celebrity land.
  • The First Post
    Daily online news magazine.
  • Times
    Slightly conservative, the oldest British national daily.
  • Voice
    Newspaper for the British black community.
  • Western Mail
    Major Welsh newspaper.